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What are the differences between diamonds and crystals?

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What is a crystal?

In short, a crystal is a solidified mineral. This is a natural process – for example, sugar is also formed by crystals. Every mineral has a crystal with its own shape and color. For example, rose quartz (pink), amethyst (purple) or jade (green and white). These gemstones are often used in jewelry. Diamonds are also a natural crystal. But they are formed in deep layers of the earth by compression of the mineral carbon under very high pressure.

Why are diamonds popular?

Gemstones can be cut and polished into beautiful shapes because of their composition and hardness. Since diamond is the hardest and brightest gemstone, it has unparalleled brilliance after cutting. Natural diamonds are difficult to mine and rare. Therefore, it is also one of the most expensive gemstones. The size, clarity and color further determine the price

Natural crystal and artificial crystal

Because natural diamonds are so precious, artificial crystals are often used in jewelry. An example of this is zirconia, also known as artificial diamond. These crystals are not created by a natural process, but by melting minerals at extremely high temperatures. After hardening, the stone is further processed. Artificial diamond is almost indistinguishable from real diamond. It is almost as hard and can be cut in the same way.

Lab-created diamonds are increasingly used for watches because the environmental impact of these diamonds is much less than that of natural diamonds. Harmful substances are often used in the mining of real diamonds and working conditions are usually poor. Sustainably mined natural diamonds always have a certificate.

Crystal glass and Swarovski crystal

Crystal glass is also an artificial crystal. It consists of a mixture of silicon dioxide (silica sand) and metal oxides, including lead. The higher the lead content in the glass, the more brilliance and richer colors. Ordinary crystal glass (crystalline) has a lead content of at least 24 percent. Solid lead crystal at least 30 percent.

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